Student Council

The Student Council were elected in June ready for the start of this school year. We only had girls put themselves forward so our student council is full of ‘Girl Power’. We meet with Mr Mason and Ms Ellis most weeks and have a good plan of things we want to achieve this year.

We have already planned a school disco and had the whole school vote for who they wanted our Harvest Festival collection to go to.

Please keep checking our page as we have so much to tell you about.

Click Hereto view the Student Council's Action Plan for Autumn

Meet The Council


Hi, my name is Millie-Mae and I am 10 years old. If I had to describe myself in three different words I would say I’m sporty, generous and hardworking. I think being on the school’s student council will help me gain confidence in and out of school. It’s so exciting being part of the school council and I am glad that I am.

I have some good ideas that I’d like to share with everyone else!


Hi, my name’s Isobel but you can call me ‘Izzy’. I’ve been coming to Hogarth since I was 3 years old.

I am really delighted to finally be part of the student council.

I will try to bring some exciting new ideas to the school. Those who know me know that I can generally be called a bit of a ‘loud mouth’ but now I have the opportunity to speak out for the pupils of this school & about what they want.

When it comes to my hobbies, I enjoy a range of different activities. One of my favourites is getting ‘stuck in a book’ & I love reading stories by; Jacqueline Wilson; J.K Rowling (Harry Potter) & Enid Blyton. I am a Cub Scout which means I am reliable and am able to lead a group of people – I also get to do cool stuff such as camping outdoors and climbing. Music is a passion of mine as I listen to songs by many different artists; I play the piano and have passed Grade 2 and I am learning to play the glockenspiel for the Scout marching band. I have recently won 2 trophies for playing the glockenspiel and I think this is an achievement to be proud of.

Anyway, that’s enough about me for now. I hope you will enjoy the activities that my colleagues and I will plan.

Don’t forget to say hi to me in the playground!


Hi I’m Frances and I’m part of the student council. If I had to describe myself in three words they would be confident, helpful and hardworking.

I have loads of good ideas that could help the school become better. Having been on the pupil council before, I know what to do. I am good with laptops and I.C.T. My confidence has grown after holding an assembly every week and that has helped me a lot.


Hi my name is Ella. Three words to describe me are sporty, confident and creative. I have a lot of good ideas to make the school a better place for all of us. My hobbies are athletics and football, I am a member of Notts AC and I play football for Gedling Southbank U11 girls. If you have any ideas for the school then please come and tell me so I can share it with the other council members for you.

I hope I can represent you all well for the next school year.


Hi my name is Dahab! I am very proud to be part of the student council. I am amazed that I was chosen to be a council member. My hobbies include writing, drawing and playing outside. At home I love working. I love keeping everything tidy. I HATE ANYTHING THAT IS UNTIDY! At school I would like to make everyone have a good time as well as working. I will improve the school environment so the students will feel comfortable in the school grounds.


Hi! My name is Lydia. I am a year 5 student. I am 9 years old and very active. I love sports and I am also very helpful. I know I can make a lot of changes to the school. I play football and play taekwondo and do lots of school clubs so I am very energetic. I’m very friendly and can help the school improve.


Hi, my name is Georgia. I am 9 years old .I really like football but I don't like going shopping .I am a year 5 student council member. I am looking forward to doing things for our school. Whenever I see my friends crying, I try and help them and see what’s the matter.


Hello, my name is Georga. I am 9. My hobbies are singing, dancing and reading. I am never late for school. I live with my mum, 3 sisters, 1 rabbit, 1duck, 4 cats, 1 bird and 1 dog .School is fun because we do different things. I am kind and helpful.


Hello, my name is Namaa and I am 9 years old. I really like to do art and drawing but I hate to be late for school. I am very interested in literacy and reading also I love to do gymnastics on the grass outside. I really love to go to school because it is very fun. Also, I am really looking forward to being a year 5 student council member and I think I am very confident to be in it.

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