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Latest Government Regulations & the impact at Hogarth

Amendments have been made to the Current regulations regarding term-time holiday. These came into force from the 1st September 2013. Hogarth will amend its Attendance Policy to reflect the updates but here is a brief summary to guide you for now.

PREVIOUSLY in order to apply for a holiday during term time your child had to have an attendance record above 95% and you had to provide evidence of why your request was due to “exceptional circumstances.” The Head Teacher would then consider your request individually and either agree to authorise or not authorise the holiday of up to 10 school days a year. The same process applied to extended leave.

NOW Head Teachers still have the discretion to grant leave during term time BUT only in “Exceptional Circumstances” and NOT for the purposes of an annual family holiday.

Any holiday taken during term time will now be UNAUTHORISED and Parents and Carers could be issued a penalty notice and fined £60 (if paid within 21 days) or £120 (if paid within 28 days)

There is no clear guidance from the Government on clarifying what are “Exceptional Circumstances,” it is up to the Head Teacher’s discretion. However, “special” or “exceptional” circumstances are likely to be unique and/or one-off situations that are unlikely to happen annually for a family.

Hogarth will no longer offer “Holiday Request Forms”

A form can be obtained from the School Office for a “Request for Leave” during term-time. This will have to be supported by a personal letter outlining the “exceptional circumstances” for the Head Teacher to consider. A meeting may also be required from the school to support your request.

Thank you for your support and cooperation and look out for further updates and guidance.

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