Things We are Working on

Each year we write a School Improvement Plan which sets out the work we will do to make our school better. We undertake a thorough evaluation of the school, looking at: data, the quality of teaching, learning and assessment, parental views, children’s views, the condition of the building, and then we plan the things that need to be worked on.

Some aspects become core priorities needing the whole year to be spent working on them. Some aspects become secondary priorities meaning that we may only need to spend half a term or less working it.

Please read on to find out a bit more about what Hogarth is working on getting better at this year.

Getting better at Writing

We will spend the whole year developing children’s skills in writing. This will include work undertaken in staff meetings to improve how teachers plan to deliver writing sessions. We will improve assessment systems to fit in with the National Curriculum.


We will share the assessment criteria with parents so that they can know what we are looking for in different year groups. We will improve the curriculum to look for opportunities for cross curricular writing which will make writing make sense to our children.

Getting Better at S.P.a.G

Improving standards in Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar, or S.P.a.G as we call it in school, will be a yearlong core priority. Pupil’s skills and knowledge in S.P.a.G is tested formally in Y2 and in Y6. In order to ensure our children have a good chance of doing the best that they can in these tests we have developed a scheme of work which outlines the S.P.a.G expectations for each year group.


S.P.a.G will be taught daily across all the classes in school. Each day will start with a SPAG Spot session where children will be given different tasks to complete. S.P.a.G will be taught in English lessons and in topic sessions. Children will have S.P.a.G targets taken from their S.P.a.G non negotiable sheets which will be reviewed each half term. Children will have S.P.a.G assessments each term and the results of these will be shared with parents. Any child falling behind in S.P.a.G will have intervention session to support them in catching up.


Getting Better at Feedback

Children must be given feedback on their work each lesson. The feedback given across school must be consistent from class to class, subject to subject. Feedback should tell the children something that they have done well and something that they need to act on to improve. Sometimes feedback will be verbal, sometimes it will be written. Our goal is that children will be able to tell us what they have done well, what they need to do now to improve and that they will be able to tell us what they have learnt over a series of lessons.


Getting Better at being British

Being British and knowing about British values has become increasingly important over that last few years. Schools are now tasked with ensuring that we address British values and that we develop a sense of patriotism and belonging within our school and the wider community. Being British is a theme that will stretch across the year at Hogarth. We will focus on a different aspect of being British each term. 

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